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Month to Month

The perfect starting point without a tremendous amount of commitment. Give it a try, feel the process out and let's begin the process of creating a plan that can withstand the tests of time while keeping it flexible and comfortably.
45 Minute Virtual Sessions
Access to Wellness Hub
Crisis Call


Let's take it a step further and focus our sites on truly defining what the future has in store for us; for years to come.
45 Minute Virtual Sessions
Access to Wellness Hub
Crisis Call
Three Month Progress Check
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a crisis call?
Think of a crisis call as a regular session without the schedule. If your teen is going through a time where they need a little extra guidance, we will set up a session as soon as you all are ready – we work quickly, typically scheduling these sessions within 24 hours. Crisis calls are intended for non- life-threatening emergencies.
Can I cancel at any time?
We will happily issue refunds in the event that any party feels dissatisfied with the program or services offered as long as the request is made with 30 days of purchase on both the half and quarter packages. We also offer a 24 hour window for all session cancellations.
What ages/gender do you work with?
We work with both males, females, and gender neutral individuals that fall within the age range of 13 to 18 years old.
How do you keep parents involved in the process?
During each 45 minute session with your teen, we will take the last five minutes to write a recap of the session and our findings/discoveries together. You will then be notified of a new document uploaded in your WellnessHub login. We strive to ensure that you are constantly aware of the progress being made through open dialogue. We have found this approach also builds an unexpected level of trust between parent and teen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the consultation free?
How long are the sessions/consults?
Sessions typically span 45 minutes while consultations last approximately half-an-hour.
What is the consultation for?
The consultation is a time to become established with you, your teen, and Jessie. TWC aims to make sure your teen is a correct fit/will benefit from these services. The consultation is a time for you or your teen to ask any questions you might have. 
How frequently would my teen have a coaching meetup?
With each package, we would ideally meet once a week. I am understanding of how hectic life can become, so if needed we can double up on sessions per week or extend the contract time by 30 days until all purchased sessions are completed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there only two packages?
Progress takes longer than a few weeks! We will work on building new healthy habits over this time which will in the end, result in a sustainable outcome rather than a temporary solution. Our packages are proven and trusted, just check out some of our client testimonials!
What kind of resources are included in the wellness hub?
Weekly newsletter.
Parent/client portal for weekly communication.
Parent Education.

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