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Wellness Coaching for Your Teen.


Life is made up of tiny — seemingly insignificant — decisions that add up quickly.

And with the pressures of constant chatter, comparison, and uncertainty it can be tough for today’s generation. Make sure your teen is set up for success with a personal role-model coach.

Basically, that means I'm a ...

Goal Setter
Purposeful and intentional goal setting remains at the core of everything we do at Teen Wellness Coaching. Without a specific, measurable, attainable, and timely  trajectory remaining top of mind, our strategy could never achieve the level of success we all want – and need – to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.
Confidence Builder
Building on the goals we've set, it's imperative that your teen feels empowered throughout every step of our journey. Building confidence and strengthening self-worth are two of the most impactful factors in working towards and managing  objectives. And with an elevated level of self confidence we will find a thoughtful means to this end.
Anxiety  Buster
Anxiety, perhaps the world's most prevalent yet overlooked pandemic that has hit our population to date. With anxiety, often stems depression, lack of self worth, and so much more – this is the why we will always facilitate an open and comforting environment, welcoming of complete transparency so we can build assurance and reach our personal goals with confidence.
Momentum Escalator
Goal setting, confidence building, and anxiety busting are all imperative steps in our process, but without a little encouragement, it often becomes easy to lose the ambition once held at the beginning of our embarkment. We will always encourage, empower, rejuvenate and remind your teen of their true power and their real potential to make a difference in their own lives.
The Difference

Coaching ...

Is a:
Collaborative Partnership
Proactive Approach
Discovery Process
Sustainable Solution
Is not a:
One-sided Conversation
Healing Session
Prescribed Formula
Quick Fix
previous clients
Jessie has been a huge part of my life. She's helped me move forward, strengthen my faith, and become a trusting and loving person. She helped me during my lowest of moments and continues to do so today.
At the end of the day, we're all cut from the same cloth ...

Hi. I'm Jessie

A certified coach from the International Coaching Federation. But also, a relatable, trustworthy and positive role model for your teen. It’s my passion and purpose to help teenagers glide through these critical years with confidence, focus and intention.

how i can help
My process

How it all works ...

Get together as a team.
First, we begin with a kick-off chat to get on the same page about our goals – with parents, teens, and Jessie.
Access your WellnessHub.
After getting to know each other, we'll review our plan, stay in contact, and you'll gain access to all of our resources.
Stay in touch with Jessie.
Virtual visits will follow – to measure achievements and really, just talk so we can keep our course – from beginning to end.
Give our best shot.
We'll start with bite-sized tasks; strengthen confidence, encourage growth, and foster emotional intelligence.
Stay in the feedback loop.
Clear communication with parents, Jessie, and students will guide our progress, clarify barriers, and expand opportunities.
pricing plans

Packages that meet your needs.


The perfect starting point without a tremendous amount of commitment. Give it a try, feel things out and let's begin the process of creating a plan that can withstand the tests of time while remaining flexible and comfortable.
45 Minute Virtual Sessions
Access to WellnessHub
Crisis Call


Let's take it a step further and focus our sites on truly defining what the future has in store for us – for years to come.
45 Minute Virtual Sessions
Access to WellnessHub
Crisis Call
Three Month Progress Check

Start the conversation.

Every relationship begins with an introduction. Let's get to know each other and determine if I am a good fit for achieving you goals. I will only recommend what will lead to success  – never wasting your time.
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