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Individuals have exhibited symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder since the pandemic began in the US alone.
Blue Cross Blue Shield, October 1, 2021

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34.53% of teens  responded that they do “nothing” to try to manage their stress.
Mental Health America, 2021


Of teen girls admit to engaging in self-destructive behaviors, such as bullying, drinking, smoking, and eating disorders from lack of confidence.
Next Steps Solutions, 2021

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Healthy Mindsets
A healthy mindset is what sets the foundation for everything we do moving forward. It holds the legs on which we stand. Fostering this ideal is the first step towards achieving and maintaining a consistent and sustainable mental wellbeing.
Self Confidence
Confidence in ourselves is one of the most challenging achievements we face in life. However, with the proper guidance and a helping hand, some additional self-worth can be found in even the smallest details of life while leading to some of the greatest outcomes.
Goal Setting
Goals keep us on track, they keep our heads held high, they keep us continually moving and constantly growing. We'll set goals with you and your teen to build opportunity and increase success so that at the end of all of this, we walk away feeling as if we have accomplished something tangible.
Decision Making
We make decisions every single day. When we cross the street, we may look left first or maybe right ... either way, we're still looking and we're still crossing the street. This is the guiding force behind our definition of healthy decision making – a natural, safe, and thoughtful redefinition of the process itself.
I Get it ...

My journey to creating a life that matters has revealed my passion to guide teens through this discovery process. Each teenager has their own hurdles to success. For some, it’s striving to have the focus or motivation to work toward goals—or even putting words to them. For others, it might be the real pressures that come with growing up in an Instagram-worthy generation.

As a parent, you might find yourself worried or even frustrated with your teen’s choices. It is my goal to come alongside your teenager to understand what they want out of life, provide the tools and skills to unlock their full potential, and build self-confidence in their decisions. And that through Teen Wellness Coaching you all will teen feel supported and understood through the collaborative process.

If Teen Wellness Coaching seems like a fit for your family, I’d enjoy explaining more and having a conversation with you and your teen.

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Jessie made a huge difference in our daughter’s ability to communicate, be herself, and foster compassion from different perspectives. She helped our daughter grow so much over the months she worked with her, and we’re forever grateful for her.

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